Omega Squad Teemo

Omega Squad Teemo once lived by a code

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3 New Riot Points Giveaways, Auction Room and Reward System Changes

New Global RP Giveaways, Reward System and Auction Room modifications

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Need friends to get the Party Rewards? We help you in that!

Team up and earn Party Rewards!

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NEW Quiz Pack in the Wombo Combo Quiz Game

Retro Items quiz pack has been added to the Wombo Combo Quiz Game

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New /ALL Chat - Summoner Showcase

A 106 Pound Darius Axe

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League of Legends Music: The Curse of the Sad Mummy

Sad and beautiful video about the the tale of the cursed mummy boy. To the Feels of Justice!

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Prepare for the 2015 season with a kickoff sale!

A huge sale will go live on January 22nd and last until 08:59 CET on January 27th

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Deathfire Grasp will be removed

Confirmed. As of 5.2, Deathfire Grasp will be removed.

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Website's security improvement + new features

Big update of Website's core, coaching implementation and new mini-game!

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Champion Portrait Updates + New Ahri Splash Art

Lots of new champion portraits + New Ahri splash art!

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Diamond III Yasuo 1v5 pentakill in Platinum

With added Yasuo quotes and epic music.

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League of Legends Cinematic: New Dawn with Champion Quotes (Full HD + Stereo)

We added quotes and narrator sounds to the New Dawn cinematic. :)

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"We're done when I say we're done"

Vlad 1v5 Turret defend and game change in Diamond 5

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Faker vs Ryu Zed - Cri Evrytiem

A touching short video about an epic Zed fight between Faker and Ryu.

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Top 5 Thresh plays

5 Amazing Thresh plays from various players like MadLife or BunnyFufuu.

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When you get killed next to your ally but he doesn't even realise it (Humor Video)

New funny video related to players who aren't really aware of their surroundings.

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6 Extremely Pertinent Gifs That Can Describe Your Game Perfectly - Episode 1

A collection of gifs, which will describe specific situations of League of Legends that we all experienced.

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11 Effortless Ways to Start Winning More Ranked Games in Season 5

11 Tips and tricks to acquire a better win percentage and to get out of Elo Hell.

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Pantheon is Acing The Enemy Team

A video combining the awesome slow-motion fight scene from 300 with League of Legends announcer voiceovers.

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Fed Nasus Be Like (Especially in U.R.F.)

The cycle of life and death continues, we will Q, they will QQ.

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