Rek'Sai Login Theme
Rek'Sai, the Void Burrowers login music.
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Rek'Sai Champion Spotlight
New champion from the Void. RekSai, the Void Burrower
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Reward System, New Riddle Level and Giveaway info
We are ready with the Reward System and the 11th Riddle Level.
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Wombo Combo Reward System is almost ready!
Earn Gold and XP, unlock in-game contents, get Riot Points for FREE, coachings sessions and more!
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/ALL Chat - The League of Legends Summoner Showcase is back!
This is the first video of the new Summoner Showcase, watch it now!
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The Terror Beneath
New Void champ revelad? Watch this epic video to know more about how this non-humanoid champ will look like.
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We have started a Tumblr blog
Daily updated Tumblr blog with funny League of Legends related gifs
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League of Legends - Harrowing 2014 Login Theme
The Harrowing Login theme plus HD wallpaper
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New homepage and visual updates
In this article you can read about the features of our new homepages and about the visual updates.
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Top 5 Thresh plays
5 Amazing Thresh plays from various players like MadLife or BunnyFufuu.
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When you get killed next to your ally but he doesn't even realise it (Humor Video)
New funny video related to players who aren't really aware of their surroundings.
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6 Extremely Pertinent Gifs That Can Describe Your Game Perfectly - Episode 1
A collection of gifs, which will describe specific situations of League of Legends that we all experienced.
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11 Effortless Ways to Start Winning More Ranked Games in Season 5
11 Tips and tricks to acquire a better win percentage and to get out of Elo Hell.
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Pantheon is Acing The Enemy Team
A video combining the awesome slow-motion fight scene from 300 with League of Legends announcer voiceovers.
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Fed Nasus Be Like (Especially in U.R.F.)
The cycle of life and death continues, we will Q, they will QQ.
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Our first movie trailer parody - The Purge - League of Legends version
A parody of The Purge's movie trailer in which people does not commit crime but troll for 12 hours.
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Ten reasons why I want URF back!
Ten reasons why we miss the well known and widely appreciated URF game mode
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OP Custom Skins - Episode 1
A list of great custom skins for League of Legends with download links.
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