Welcome to Wombo Combo

Wombo Combo is a League of Legends related website where we would like to provide useful and entertaining applications to the League of Legends community.

Have you ever thought that a champion would be better with another passive, ultimate or ability? You can create your concept with the Wombo Combo Champion Combiner in minutes.
Use your creativity to create custom League of Legends champions by mixing the existing passives and abilities.
Create your own and vote for the others' concepts.

We implemented two other mini-games: the Quiz game and the Memory game.
In the quiz game, you can test your knowledge about League of Legends while in the Memory game, you have to match the champions with their abilities as fast and as accurate as possible.

Have fun!

If you find any bugs, misspelled words, grammatical errors or anything odd,
please contact us via Facebook or Email. Thank you!


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