11 Effortless Ways to Start Winning More Ranked Games in Season 5

In this article you can read about habbits that will surely help you in getting better win rate and going up in Tiers. These tips helped me in getting into Diamond and I am sure that it will help you too if you follow these points. This article is not for you if you don't want to change anything at all to get better in League of Legends. If your current Tier is enough for you, you can leave but if not, please read thoroughly. laugh

11 Effortless Ways to Start Winning More Ranked Games in Season 5:

  1. Play less champions in ranked games:
    Yup, it's that easy. If you constantly try out new champs of course you can't get out of Elo Hell. Pick a few champions and stick to them. If you really want to, you can pick your main most of the time. Anyone can check your stats these days, so if you have a proof that you are good with that champ, picking it becomes even easier. Even when I had only 50 games and had around 75% win rate in Season 4 at the time as Fiora, a simple link to my win rate was enough to convince them. Check your current win rates, if you have a champion, which has 60-65%+ win rate over 20+ games, stick to it. Most of the time you can pick your main. If can't, then make sure to have a second main on another role or even a third one.

  2. DO NOT go for full hp bursts in your laning phase:
    Lots and lots of deaths are because of this simple habit, because players tend to be impatient and try to kill the laning opponent from max or almost max hp. Be patient and know your limits. The lower the elo, the easier it gets to harass the enemy, so why would you risk? Go for a kill when the enemy is around 30-50%. As soon as the advantage becomes huge, you can forget this rule. 

  3. If your ally did something well, let him/her know it:
    It feels good and they will more likely to co-oporate with you if you do this. I am talking about honest and genuine compliments and not such things like "wow, awesome last hit on that minion Cait" in every 20 seconds. Name them while you do this. "gj Heca", "Rammus, thanks for the gank", etc.

  1. Do not surrender in your games, the only exception is if you have ABSOLUTELY 0 chance to win the game: 
    In my opinion 0 chance is insanely rare. Anything can happen, especially in low elo (or Elo Hell if you prefer to call it that way). People throw, leave the game, start to troll, feed, don't know how to play in late game or simply don't know how to use their advantage. Players lose their morale and give up way too early, even in winnable games. If you can win some of your games where you wanted to surrender, you have already improved your win rate with a few percentages. I think everybody saw at least one game where a player aced the enemy team almost alone, try to focus on being that player instead of hitting the yes button. 

    "We're done when I say we're done"

    Don't give up too soon!

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  2. Never, ever focus on winning arguments, changing or bashing others:
    If somebody is a toxic, childish, douchebag or a feeder, you won't be the one who will change his/her personality. We all do this at some point because we feel an urge to win the online chat Jiu-Jitsu fights. Most of the time we are doing this to protect or feed our Ego but honestly, do you really care about a random toxic player's opinion? Get over it, hit the ignore button and do your best in the game with 100% focus.

  3. Focus on pushing lanes and taking objectives (turrets, inhibitors, dragon, Baron):
    Taking turrets is the easiest from these. It gives you and your team a huge amount of gold and this way you help your allies too! Again, the lower the Elo the less effort it takes to destroy the enemy team's turrets. They aren't even defending them(sometimes even in Diamond, it doesn't matter if it's EU East or West) most of the time, they are like:


  1. Stop finding excuses why you cannot go up in Tiers and Divisions:
    It's like complaining about being hungry instead of opening the fridge. I am not saying that every game is winnable, not at all, so at some point you are right. You will always have games where you can't do anything at all but the good thing is that you don't even have to win every single game. As long as a player put more effort in finding excuses and blaming others than improving his/her habits, play style and skill, that player won't go up.

  2. Do not try new and strange builds in ranked games:
    Kind of a no brainer but still Summoners tend to forget this sometimes. I don't think that a random 2.5 attack speed Banana Barrage Soraka will get you out of Elo Hell. smiley

  3. Focus only on the game:
    If you chat with 6 of your friends on Facebook while you are watching a movie trailer on YouTube, playing LoL Mini Games and eating a sandwich, you can't play properly. Play the game and do the rest in queue or before the game or after you finished it.

  4. OVERKILL the crap out of them:
    A dead enemy who says "hah, you wasted your ult on a 100 hp enemy" is way better than an enemy who is getting away with low hp. Why would you get annoyed and lose your focus because of such things if you can avoid it by casting Botrk, an extra Ignite, QWE or even an Ultimate? Forget trying to deal the exact damage, instead aim for more. Of course if somebody has 50 hp, you won't have to cast everything as a maniac. laugh

  1. DO NOT Overestimate the power of counterpicks:
    Picking a champion that you haven't even played before just because it counters your laning opponent is just wrong. Laning is not the only part of the game. My experience is that even if I could counter the enemy, my presence was way worse in late games than with my main champion.
    Which ones outcome will be better most likely?
    A.) Picking a champion you are experienced with (50-100-200 or more games)
    B.) A counter with less then 10-15 games or no games at all. 

Do you have more ideas on how to get out of Elo Hell or to simply go up? Comment your ideas below!

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I wish you a great Season 5! 
Gl & Hf!

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