Ten reasons why I want URF back!

If you ask LoL players about what game mode they want back, most of them would probably say that "I want urf back". Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is a game mode that was made for April Fools' Day 2014. Champions had huge buffs like insane Cooldown Reductions and their spells did not need Mana or Energy resources, more gold/sec, Attack Speed and Crit were enchanced for ranged champs, bonus Movement Speed and Tenacity. Some champions were so op that Riot had to balance them or completely remove them from this game mode.

1. The Beyblade Team

2. Soloing Baron easily

3. The Almost Immortal Champions

4. The OP Movement Speeds

5. The Dragon Ball Kassadin

6. People Could Love the Almighty Machine Gun Urgot

7.  Broken Zed

8. The Stunlock Champions

9. The Rapid Q Nasus

10. Crab Army Malzahar

Why do you miss URF? Comment below! smiley

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