A 40-year-old player's opinion about League of Legends and its community

 So I have just stumbled upon an article about a 40-year-old player's opinion about League of Legends and its community. I advise you to read the article first thoroughly to understand what I am talking about. I completely agree with most points of it since it feels like a miracle when no one bashes the other player for something during the game. Most of the times allies tend to be peaceful when your team completely destroys the enemy. Because everything goes well, no major mistakes were made by you or your allies so the players don't focus on making excuses on why they lose that game. Let's be honest, the majority of the LoL community bashes others to find excuses on how the other players lose his/her games since it is way easier to find other players' flaws then our owns. That's what YOU shouldn't do. Admit your flaws, and move on. It is nearly impossible to change others during the game but you can change yourself! Whenever you would like to start a chat fight, bash someone, etc. JUST. STOP. That's all. It is that simple. Don't write a single word nor care about how they try to mock you with a "Worst Ashe Eune." or an "Ethiopia could eat for a month the way you are feeding" comment. If you stop, most of the times they will stop too. Only a lunatic goes on and on and on if the other person stops arguing. And the toxic people are not crazy, simply frustrated. If your ally starts to feed the troll, instead of only saying "stop arguing", get his/her focus by talking about what to do next, the tactics, even give them tasks like push bot or let's get the drake. If someone can't focus on the game because of arguing, then it is true vice versa. If he truly starts to focus on the game, he can't focus on arguing with someone. What would you do in a group project in real life if you would have only 20-50 minutes? You would left out the crazy one, let him/her to do whatever he/she wants, turn away from him/her and would work with the other four. How would you even succeed if you waste half of your time on a futile task? This is not only for a better community. In one of my previous articles, I have talked about how being polite and not arguing can improve your performance and help you to win more ranked games too. Stay focused, keep calm and have fun. That's why you play LoL in the first place.

I disagree with one thing. He believes that only children act like this.

Even though he is right about the behaviour itself, I think it is impossible that only children behave like that online. Based on my experience, surroundings and based on my Who Fed This Champ (12497 likes) and Wombo Combo (6731 likes) Fanpages' insights more than 65% of the players are between 18 and 34. It is true that it is not a statistics with millions of players but an fb insight of roughly 15000 people (some people like both the pages) is still significant. I don't know how my fans behave during games, hopefully they don't flame laugh. These statistics' purpose is to show the age percentages only. It would be really optimistic to say that only children behave like that because they haven't learnt yet how to respect other people. I know how much grown up men/women shouts "f*ck you" and types furiously while playing LoL. Vast majority of the League of Legends players are adults, grown men and women and at that point it is not their parents' job to tell them how to behave online every time they play against other people. They should simply know it, or realise it since that behaviour only shows weakness. Nothing else. As long as a player flames and rages often during games should not whine about how bad the community is, since he/she makes the community worse too. Anyone can have a bad day and say something rude, that's okay, but doing it in nearly every game is not. Period. If you are frustrated, take some deep breaths, go for a walk, check some funny LoL pictures or play with the LoL quiz game and go back to playing rankeds when you calmed down.

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What are the features of an honorable player?

The Summoner's code is a good start to find it out. Yeah, I know that basically all the players have heard about it but I am sure that 3/4 of the community haven't read it and have no clue about what's in it. Do it now, it only takes a few minutes.

An honorable player:

  1. Is polite towards the allies and the enemies too. An honorable player doesn't say "gg easy". Especially if his/her kda is 0/39/2.
  2. Tries to help his/her allies and focuses on leading them to victory and not on dragging them down.
  3. Doesn't get down to the levels of trolls because he/she is smarter than that.
  4. Respects others.
  5. Is not pessimistic. It's frustrating how easily some people give up and it is contagious.
  6. Is friendly and calm, since it's just a game.


What do you disagree with? Does this mentality could help to build a better League of Legends community? What would you add? Share your thoughts below!

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