Crushing Solo Queue - Be different than most LoL players

Since this is the first article of the series, I would like to give a little information about what you can expect in the future. Crushing Solo Queue is about how to enjoy Solo Queue and how to win WAY more games than you do now. I will write articles about different myths(for example the famous "I always have bad allies"), hints related to playing specific roles, useful win rate improving habbits, etc. I won't focus on being polite and to not offend anyone with the things I write. I will focus on helping you to get better, to make you think differently than most people and to get what you want. And what most players want? More wins and better elo. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with making a mistake or playing bad as different champions. But it's wrong if you delude yourself into believing that you always lose because of others. If you can't handle the fact that you need to practice and to change your mindset to go up to high elo, then this is not the place for you. You can stop reading and feel free continue your daily routine.


BUT if you would like to get better results, I will help you in that and I wish you the best in the future. Also, you can ask 3000+ other players and me too in our Facebook group. I focus on the things that worked for me to get to Diamond 4 last season and what helps me to get above D4 this season. If I can do it, you can do it.


Mass dissatisfaction among League of Legends players


Honestly, what can you read in forum threads, Facebook groups, boards and what can you hear from LoL players? "Man, my allies are so bad, I am so unlucky, I hate solo queue!" The vast majority of the LoL players are not satisfied with their results and they don't like or even hate playing ranked games. This is especially true for playing Solo Queue. Why?


1. They believe that they don't belong to the tier they are in and they don't deserve these unfair games.


The common belief is that every single player entitled to Challenger except their allies. They say: "I deserve Challenger but, but, but, but..." always the excuses. How many times you heard that "Most people play really bad in Silver and I still don't know how to carry out myself from there. I need to find out why."? That's rare, isn't it? You don't hear this because they would have to admit that they aren't that good as they imagine and that would hurt their ego. That's what most people do, blaming external factors every day in everything. Everybody has to practice, there is no exception to get better results. Do you think that SKT T1 or other pro teams stop practicing? It's true that the people in SKT T1 play like some kind of high-end robots these days, but I am sure they sweat blood to get even better.

You can learn from people who don't play moba games. Fatal1ty is not a League of Legends player but he definitely knows how to become the best in something. He is a professional gamer and world champion in Alien versus Predator 2, Doom 3, Painkiller, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 2003 and he believes that practicing is the only way. Check Fatal1ty's results. It's not luck and it's not because he was born to be an FPS pro. Just watch the video:


Fatal1ty on How to Get Better



It depends solely on you and your intentions. If you play once a while and you don't really want to spend hours focusing on getting better every week or even every day. It's fine, but if you would like to go up to high elo, stream or even play in a good team, why wouldn't you focus on getting better? You could get more League Points in less time since the time you spend on improving your cs will lead to a better win rate. 


2. They believe that if they go up a couple of tiers, things will change and they will perform better.


Thinking about comments like, "Please carry me out from Bronze/Silver/Gold because people are so bad here". The fact that there are lots of boosting services and people pay huge money for these services confirms my opinion too. I have to tell you something. gameplay will change but not as you would expect. Trolls, feeders will be there too, every team has a weakspot(or sometimes 4... laugh) who dies more often than the others. It would be foolish to think that you will be awesome in every game too. Bad days, bad games will happen and you will wonder what the heck are you doing. If you don't belong to a division, this will happen... A LOT.


Also, you can only feel the difference if others do the hard work for you and you won't if you go up gradually by yourself. You can do the same things, farm similarly well, do doubles or triples against skilled players like you could do against players in lower elo. Mostly, the skill difference between two players against eachother is what you can clearly feel. That's why lot's of people can't see anything mind-blowing if they watch a Diamond, Master or any high elo player in Solo Queue. Because they play against people who are on the same skill level. You can hear things like: "Last day I saw that Challenger guy. He had 70 farms in 10 minutes, what a noob... I do 80 in Silver." Yes, but the average Silver player would do like 5 cs against that Challenger player and would feed as hell. If you truly master a couple of champs, move up a couple of tiers because of your skills and then try a game in Bronze or Silver, your jaw will drop. You will wonder how couldn't you win almost every game. Doublelift went back to bronze for a while, check 7:40.


Chauster and Doublelift - Bronze Gameplay



3. They focus only on results instead of actually enjoying the game.


It's great to have a goal but focusing only on it can do more harm than good. Let's be honest, no matter what you do, you will lose some games. Even if you play Duo Queue and have a good win rate, you lose like 20-30% of the games. That's 2-3 games out of every 10! Now imagine if you can win only like 50-55% or less! Basically every second game makes you frustrated because you go back and not towards your goal. If the only thing you enjoy is winning, you will go nuts without a doubt. You will get frustrated easily, chat fight more often, surrender in more games, become sad and your performance will be a lot worse. In your next few games instead of focusing only on winning, try to find out your weak spots.

  1. If you get frustrated? Drink a hot cocoa and calm the fuck down. You play LoL to have fun right? laugh
  2. If you start to chat fight with some random "toxicfgt05", stop it and if such player's rage draws your attention to chat box, hit the mute button and continue your game.
  3. If you are about to surrender in a game, vote "No" and try to carry it. The enemy team might even throw the game. Win only 1 out of 10 games in which you surrendered before and you go up. Let's calculate a bit. For example you lose 25 Lp with a defeat and get 25 for a victory. That could be +50 Lp since instead of the fix -25 Lp, you would get +25. A half division. That's huge!
  4. If you believe that your cs isn't that good. Try to start a custom game alone for 10 minutes in which you practice only farming and only then start a ranked game.

There are many mistakes in League of Legends that can lead to defeat. I will mention more and give hints on how to eliminate them in the upcoming articles. 

Be different than the most LoL players. Get better. Win more and go a few tiers up while they still blame others for staying in low elo.

So, what do you think, what's your biggest weak spot?

By WomboCombo
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