Odd Ball Teleporting Bug Against Braum during LCS Semifinal

An Orianna bug that can lose the game for you

I have just played with my brother and found a bug that occurs when you play against Braum as Orianna. If you use Command: Protect(E) and Braum is in the way with activated Unbreakable(E), Orianna's ball instantly teleports back to her instead of stopping there. Basically, Braum's shield acts like a portal. (Aperture Science Braum skin confirmed laugh)

Braum's shield resets the ball right back to Orianna and you can only cast your ultimate on yourself. After it happened, we believed that it was a fail ultimate but few minutes later it happened again and we were sure it was not a bad play. So we started to look around and it seems it happened even in the LCS Semifinals, during CLG vs TIP Game 3... CLG Pobelter casted E on Alistar but Braum was in the way. 

CLG vs TIP, Game 3 - NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs - Semifinal - Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Impulse
Watch the video, it happens around 28:17

Ori players, be careful because this bug is going to happen every single time when you are against a Braum. Also, everyone will start to flame you because the players believe that you are just a noob who can't press R when it is needed, which may lead to a couple of reports too.

Should Riot instantly remove Orianna and Braum from the game to fix this bug? What do you think?

By WomboCombo
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