Wombo Combo Community Spotlight - Mokha Designs

 Please introduce yourself.

A: Hi, I'm Mokha. I'm a 15 years old teenager who loves football and gaming! I live in Greece.I'm a Graphics Designer and I started doing this about 2 years ago. At first it was something like... let's call it a hobby, but with hard work it soon transformed into a lifestyle. 

What your favourite role and what are your mains?

A: I love playing jungle and I main Udyr, Wukong and Tryndamere. Reason? Jungle is a responsibility, you need to help all your lanes and also focus on the enemy jungler. Furthermore, you have a major role in taking objectives all over the map.

Q: What's your opinion about League of Legends and climbing up in ranked games?

A: Well, my favorite game is League of Legends and I think it's a game that needs intelligence, skills and good reflexes! I think trollers and flamers are challenges, If you can handle them you probably deserve to climb elo, if not, then I think it's not Riot's fault! laugh

 Favorite streamers/youtubers?

A: Definitely Melonie Mac

What are your future plans?

A: My future plans? I plan to get a new laptop and start streaming on twitch.tv! :)

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, you can also Order graphics or Donate to the page if you would like to support me.

Some of my works:

Udyr Artwork

Kayle Artwork

Zed Artwork

Katarina Artwork

Janna Artwork

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