Wombo Combo Community Spotlight - XBabycakessX

 I believe most of us have already heard about XBabycakessX whose amazing Lux cosplay went viral in the past few days. I decided to get in touch with her  and had the opportunity to make a short Q&A. smiley

Please introduce yourself.
 A: My name is Brittany and I'm 24 (25 on the 30th) years old. I used to be a baker and barber before I got sick. Art, video games, baking and cosplaying are my  favorite hobbies.
 Q: When did you start playing League of Legends and who are your main champions?
 A: I started playing around October during season two, I believe Lux was just released. My favorite champions in order would be Lux, Soraka, Sona, Orianna,  Jinx, And Janna.
 What’s your rank and where do you play?
 A: I'm currently platinum 3 on the North American server.
 Can we add you as friend and play with you?
 A: Of course! I'll add people until my list is full, I only have a North American account though. My ign is "Babycakess".


What cosplays have you done and what will be your next?
A: So far the original Lux skin is my first and only cosplay. I bought the tickets to Pax South shortly before my illness got severe. I planned to cosplay as Lux but after I knew I had to be in a wheelchair I was a bit hesitant. My friends in league pushed me to do it anyways and so I did. Everyone at the convention was very sweet, not one person said something negative. So for the first time in a few months I felt normal again. I am slowly working on Star Guardian Lux and Vanellope Von Schweetz.

XbabycakessX with her husband and with elfyaubrie

What is POTS exactly?
A: POTS is a nervous system disorder that improperly sends signals to my brain causing the blood to pool at the bottom half of my body if I sit or stand. My heart works twice if not three times as hard trying to pump the blood back up. Eventually when my heart gets up to around 200+Bpm my body starts shutting down my hearing, sight and then my heart will stop and I faint. There's a huge list of symptoms but in short POTS affects my whole body and I'm in pain everyday.
 What are your future plans?
A: Once I was diagnosed and told I was disabled I went through a "pity me" stage. My League of legends friends pushed me through that really hard time and I decided instead of just dealing with my illness I wanted to do something with it. So I decided to go on the League of Legends boards and ask for help to raise the money for a gaming computer. I didn't expect it to get more than 100 views but to my surprise it hit over 10k! I raised the money in no time and now I'm going to cosplay and stream to raise awareness of POTS. I was so surprised at the support I was getting. I never thought a picture of me cosplaying would go viral! This is why I will continue to play league for a long time, the community has helped me through so much and has truly changed the way I see myself! 
Where can we follow you and how often do you stream? 
A: You can follow me on Facebook and on Twitch.tv and I stream as often as my health allows me. I have been in bed rest for the past two months because the heat makes my symptoms worse. I'm hoping once fall comes around I will feel better! smiley

Thank you for answering these questions and I wish you the best!

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