How to Use Wombo Assist Efficiently
Despite the fact that we would like to assist you in getting the right answer for your question, this can’t happen always. To have a better chance, here are some tips:
Keep in mind that this section of Wombo Combo is mainly for solving problems and helping eachother. Asking questions and answering them solely to advertise a video or a website is prohibited. We want to keep this section as clean as possible for a better user experience. These questions will be reported by other user’s and revised by us and will be deleted if needed. A video section will be implemented to our site soon, so be patient :) , contact us if you have any questions about it.
Stick to the topic
Please try to focus on topic that could help not only you but other people also. Try to avoid cases where you describe bad game stories like feeding ally, afk, flaming, trolling, etc. Really difficult to give a supportive answers to these “questions” if it’s possible at all. Also, try to stick to only League of Legends related questions. Asking about LoL cosplayers, artworks, content on Wombo Combo is completely fine too.
Be specific
Keep in mind that it’s easier to answer a good question. Give us details and context to help other people in answering your questions. Be as specific as you can to help us. For example if you would like to improve your skill or would like to go up in ranked games a “How can I win more games? I have trolls in my team all the time.” is not good.
More assists are better
We would like to assist lots of people at once. Keep in mind that if your question affects more people, more of us will be interested in finding a solution to the problem. Try to emphasize that you aren’t the only one who has this question/problem.
Keep an open mind
It is possible that the answer will be a little bit different than what you expected, try to stay positive, go with the flow and guide the responder to the right path to solve the problem. If the answer is not clear for you, ask for further explanations or for the sources.
thanks, I will keep these tips in mind when asking
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