Auction Room Information

Online League of Legends Auctions for FREE

In our Reward System we put the items up for Auctions that are League of Legends related.
Bid and win items even for a few Gold!
Riot Points and other valuable items for FREE only on our Auctions.

When the Auction ends?

Auctions in our Reward System are similar to traditional Auctions – an Auction ends the moment when nobody else places bids, and nobody else will outbid the last offer.
Auction lasts as long as there is more than one person willing to bid for an item and instead of the auctioneer, there is a clock counting down the time till the end of Auction.

Who wins the Auction?

The last bidder wins the Auction.
The Auction always starts at 0 STACKs, you bid with others as long as you want to make more.
If no one else outbids your offer you become a WINNER of an Auction.
Remember to be vigilant, as you have set period of time to place a bid. Don’t forget, "Time tick-ticks away."!

How to participate in an Auction?

Go to the Auction Room, choose the Auction you prefer and simply click on "Register" and then confirm your action with the "Yes" button to participate.
Don't forget, you have to pay 100 Gold to do this.

What are STACKs?

STACKs are units that are used to take part in Auctions in our Reward System.
Don't forget that you will not get back the STACKs you use for bidding if you don't win the auction.

How to receive a winning?

Won? Congrats!
Once you have won the item, we discuss the details within the next 3 days.
You will receive your item within 7 days.

Want to know more?

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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