Before you start:

While this game is playable on mobile phones and tablets, for best user experience, please try it on your computer. Sometimes you have to use photo or sound editing softwares and it is much easier that way.

You should read the hints before you head into playing LoL Riddles.

- Nope, I'm OP, Challenger smurfing pro. I don't need hints:

What is League of Legends Riddles?

LoL Riddles is a game in which you have to solve different puzzles related to League of Legends. By solving a level, you unlock the next one. The game is still in progress and it will be for a long time because whenever I have a new idea, I put it into the game. You should read the following lines thoroughly because this page will give you some really useful hints.

Spoilers & Helping others:

Please don't ruin other's fun by telling them the answers or giving them way too much help. This game's pleasure is thinking and finding the clues and solutions on your own. Therefore, it is only genuinely rewarding if YOU could solve the puzzles for yourself.


- The game is not necessarily in the game's window itself. It can happen that you have to search for clues and solutions elsewhere and have to use different sites to solve a level.

- Don't forget that sometimes you have to use different softwares to edit pictures or sound files to find the answer. You can solve all levels with FREE softwares. I've listed a couple of Open-source softwares that can help you.

- Sometimes you have to write your answer directly to the address bar. Also, on a couple of levels, you have to write different file names like rito.jpg or rito.ogg to find pictures and sound files related to the level. Don't forget, these clues can be necessary to solve those riddles.

- For every level, there is a little help from Heimerdinger that you can use. Also, you can find a Google Search Box where you can instantly search for different keywords or phrases to find the solution. Don't worry, you don't have to be as clever as Heimy to solve these riddles. :) Just be patient, it's not a horse race. Think, try to understand the riddles and use Google efficiently.

Have a great time playing League of Legends Riddles. GL & HF

Open-source softwares :

Image retouching softwares :

- Gimp
- Photofiltre's Official page

Screenshots :

You can take a screenshot by hitting the "print screen" button on your keyboard. In case if you would like to paste the screenshot in your Image retouching software, just create a new picture ("file->new", in your software) and select "edit->paste".

Sound edition :

- Audacity

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