Reward System:
Wombo Combo rewards its frequent users like no other League of Legends site. Every Wombo Combo user is eligible to earn Gold and XP at our site. The Gold can be spent on Riot Points, Unlockable Contents, Coaching and more! The more you do, the more you earn. See below to find out more about what we offer. Visit our Auction Room for biddable items.

Free RP hoaxes are really popular nowadays, so do not give out your personal information, for example League of Legends login details. Please remember that WomboCombo or WhoFedThisChamp admins will never ask for your League of Legends password when assisting you.

The first two auctions have ended and we started to fix the bugs and we make improvements based on your and our ideas. You should collect as much Gold and STACKs as you can so you will have a lot when the next auction starts. More free RP auctions, coachings and other awesome items are on the way!

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Get more Gold & XP
You can get lots of Gold and XP day after day for your activities.
  • Come back every day
    Gold and XP for your first visit of the day.
    We appreciate your enthusiasm and because of this we give rewards for the first visit of the day. It’s that easy. Don’t forget that you have to be logged in to get the bonuses.
  • Content Share
    Get Gold and XP for sharing our articles on Facebook or on Twitter.
    For your first share and tweet of the day, you can get Gold and XP. Be aware that for an article, you can get bonuses only once. For a tweet, you get 50 Gold and 30 XP.
  • Refer a friend
    Get Gold and XP for referring your friends to Wombo Combo!

    Refer your friends and when they hit level 7, you get your first reward. From level 7, upon every level up you get their acquired XP’s 10% in Gold.
    If your referral hit level 10, you get 200 XPs.


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    Cookie Tracking Information
    Our affiliate program uses cookie tracking to track registrations made through the referral link.

    The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days and is awarded on a last click basis. This means that if someone uses your referral link before signup, it will overwrite any other referral cookie that is currently in their system.

    Why is this good? Because you can get the bonuses even if they don’t register immediately. For example Joe clicked on your link, but he exits and come back to Wombo Combo to register only 2 weeks later. Even though he didn't register right away, he will become YOUR referral.

  • Extra Rewards
    Get a huge XP and Gold bonus NOW by following these easy steps:
  • Like us on Facebook
    Get your daily dose of LoL related funny content and news.
    Click on “Go to Facebook Page” then Like our Fan page with your account and come back to finish the process by clicking the “Verify” button. In case if you already liked it, you just have to click on “Verify” to get your bonus Go to facebook Page
  • Join our Facebook group and introduce yourself
    Become a member in the friendliest LoL community on Facebook
    Go to our Facebook group and ask for joining in. Wait for the approval(usually it’s really quick) and then claim your points by clicking the “Verify” button. Go to facebook Group
  • YouTube Subscription
    Don’t miss our League of Legends related videos. Humor, news, glitches and more!
    Go to our YouTube Channel and click Subscribe, then come back and click on the “Verify” button to claim your rewards. Go to Youtube Channel
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