3 New Riot Points Giveaways, Auction Room and Reward System Changes

Hello Summoners,

We have changed a couple of things in our Auction Room in the Reward System. Mostly to become more fair to users who frequently use Wombo Combo and because of this we believe they should have a bigger chance in winning an Auction. Also the changes were to eliminate frauds, for example paying 100 Gold registration fee to an Auction, getting less Gold to tasks you can do right after your sign up and the smallest STACKs pack is 200 Gold. These things are to make multiaccing more difficult. Also, after the Auction we analyze the results and look after patterns which could show that who tried to use more accounts to win the giveaway.

Also, as you can see we started 3x5€ giveaways, 1 Riot Points Auction per week that you can redeem in any region.

If you have any questions related to this or something League of Legends related, feel free to use Wombo Assist where either the community or us try to assist you in your problems.

Good luck and have fun! smiley

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