Auction Room beta is live and ready

The League of Legends Auction Room beta is finally ready where you can use your STACKs to bid for League of Legends related items. What are STACKs? STACKs are units that are used to take part in Auctions in our Reward System.For example, you can get Riot Points for free if you are the last bidder and the auction ends. To get started, you should earn Gold and XP and buy as much STACKs as you can with your acquired Gold so you can always outbid other users. The most Gold can be earned by Referring friends, so make sure to start as soon as possible for the best results.

The Auction Room is in beta at the moment and of course we have lots of ideas about how to improve it. Well, for example we need an auctioneer right? Even though this man says that "I have the best job.", he also likes conducting auctions in his free time. I think we should all admire him for a bit. laugh

Also at the moment you can only get Free Riot Points for EUW & EUNE but we would like to offer Riot Points for other regions too in the future, so this is another thing that we are working on. We would love to introduce mistery gifts, free skins and coachings from professional players too in the future. 

By WomboCombo
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