New homepage and visual updates

Hello Summoners,

We implemented the "News & Updates" and the "Articles" sections into the new version of Wombo Combo. In "News & Updates" you can find different posts about League of Legends or Wombo Combo related news, PBE updates, upcoming mini games and site updates. While, in the "Articles" section you can find different posts about hints and tips related to our mini games, interesting facts & trivia about champions, League of Legends lore, etc.

By the way, the improvements of the site's overall design and the transformation into a user friendly website was necessary. Almost every graphical element of the site has been changed and the following pictures show the exact differences. We wanted to add more colour, contrast, sharpness and new menu for an easier navigation.

News & Updates and Articles:


Background before and after pictures:

Navigation bar before and after pictures:

New Wombo Combo Logo:


I Hope you like it and feel free to comment your opinion! :)

Stay tuned for upcoming news because lots of new features are on the way.

gl & hf,


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