Reward System, New Riddle Level and Giveaway info

Hello Summoners,

Finally we are ready with the beta version of the Wombo Combo Reward System and the 11th Riddle Level. If you haven't tried the Riddle Game yet, you should give it a go. wink Don't worry, Heimy will help if you need it.

At the moment you can get Gold and XP for various things like sharing content, liking us on Facebook, Referring friends, etc. Click for more info: Reward System

The Store, the Auction Room and the prices are in progress but the first giveaway is going to start this weekend.(2014-12-13) Stay tuned! cheeky

We will also run events where for example you have to make specific tasks ( try out a new game, get at least 50k points in the memory game, etc.) to get extra Gold or to enroll in a giveaway too. When this happens, you will get a notification about it. Also, sometimes give aways or item purchases will have different conditions like minimum level 10-20-30 or at least 10 level 7 referrals to narrow down the userbase. This way you will have more chance to get it in the giveaways or simply some in-game contents and account personalisations will become more unique.

The Auction Room will contain Riot Points, Coaching Sessions and other valuable items. If you have enough Gold, you can get any of them in minutes.

Have an edge over other users by inviting your friends, fans, fellow group members, and so on. Refer your friends now and earn 10% Gold after them.

Also, we have a special gift for you guys for Winter Holidays. You will love it! Next week I will tell a little bit more about it. wink

Wombo Combo Admin Team

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