Website's security improvement + new features

We did a pretty big update in the recent days and some awesome implementations are still on the way!

First of all, our website's security has been improved and we have changed the Comment section entirely to a user-frienldy version.

Coaching Lessons + New Mini-Games

Also, in the future we will implement a coaching session where you can book coaching lessons under the usual price that goes around the internet. The lessons will be 90 minutes or slightly long, where you can ask you questions, I will analyze your gameplay and give suggestions to you. We will eliminate bad habbits and create new ones so you can start moving up in rankeds and win more games with ease.

Our new Mini-Game - Pixel of Legends:

The game will be Nintendo styled and will feature a game mode where you play against Teemo and have to avoid as much of his darts as you can and a 2-player mode will be added into the game in the future too with new champs. With the collaboration of Pixel League the characters will be amazing and the first two champions we will add to the game are Teemo and Zed:

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